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Read More - School Related Personnel of the Year

2021-2022 School Related Personnel of the Year

Congratulations to Leroy James from Madison Creative Arts Academy for being selected as this year's SRP of the year!




2021-22 SRP of the Year

Heather Atwell - District Office

Roderick Williams - Transportation

Dominique Irvine - Madison County Central School

Talecia Solomon - Greenville Elementary School

Margaret Davis - Pinetta Elementary School

Michelle Carter - Madison County High School

Gerald Latimer - Lee Elementary School

Leroy James - Madison Creative Arts Academy

Bobby Thompkins - James Madison Preparatory High School

Creative Writing

December 13, 2021

Read More - Creative Writing

Grade                          Name                            School

KG              Eason O’Neal  1st Place                        GES       

KG               Aubrie Coons 1st Runner Up                 LES

1st                Derrick Blue 1st Place                              LES

1st                Daniel Adams 1st Runner Up                  PES

2nd               Ay’Dien Gent 1st Place                             PES

2nd               Tatitana Fabius  1st Runner Up              MCCS

3rd               Carlos Montalvo 1st Place                       PES

3rd               Ramsey Webb 1st Runner Up                  MCAA

4th               Tanner Robinson 1st Place                      MCAA

4th               Xander Bergeron 1st Runner Up             LES

5th              McKennah Merone 1st Place                   MCAA

5th              Dakota Tuten 1st Runner Up                     LES

6th              Kayli Replogle 1st Place                            MCCS

7th              Jonah Adams 1st Place                               MCCS

7th              Kloie Page 1st Runner Up                          MCAA

8th              Jordin Akins 1st Place                                 MCCS

8th             Mya Mason 1st Place Runner Up             MCAA

9th             Dixie Phillips 1st Place                                JMPHS

10th           Casey McFall 1st Place                              JMPHS

12th           Alyssa Wheeler 1st Place                           JMPHS



Teacher of the Year

December 8, 2021

Read More - Teacher of the Year

The District School Board of Madison County would like to congratulate the following teachers for being selected as their school's Teacher of the Year:

Wendy Willis - Greenville Elementary School

Hayley Starling - James Madison Preparatory High School

Kim Gurley - Lee Elementary School

Matt Replogle - Madison County Central School - Middle Grades

Amanda Willoughby - Madison County Central School-Elementary

Jarrett Wood - Madison County High School

Jennifer Prairie - Madison Creative Arts Academy

Stacey Lee - Pinetta Elementary School

Odette Guillen - Waypoint Charter Academy

We are blessed to have each of you as members of our team.  Congratulations!

Read More - 2021 State Football Championship Game

Congratulations!  Headed to State!

2021 State Championships
Gene Cox Stadium, December 11, 2021 (Classes 1A) 


Championship Brackets

State Championship Matchup




Live Stream


Class 1A

Madison County (Madison) vs. Hawthorne

Dec. 11

7 p.m.



*Home team always listed second
**Tickets are General Admission in ALL Sections (Home Team West Sideline, Away Team East Sideline)
***All games to be Live Streamed by Spectrum Sports



November 3, 2021

Read More - Thanksgiving
Due to shortages of both supplies and staff, the District regrets that our schools will not host Thanksgiving lunches for community members this year.  Students will still receive a Thanksgiving lunch, but we will be unable to accommodate parents and community members.  Our first priority must be to ensure that all students are fed.  We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through this difficult time.  We wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!
Read More - Statement from Commissioner Corcoran on “Tik Tok Challenges”

Statement from Commissioner Corcoran on “Tik Tok Challenges”

Florida is committed to the safety of its schools, including the safety of students, school and district staff and administrators. Unfortunately, some students are engaging in online “challenges” posted on Tik Tok sites, which encourage students to take part in vandalism, theft, harassment, battery and other totally inappropriate criminal activities. These students’ actions show no respect for their schools, their fellow students and the hardworking teachers who are striving every day to make sure they get a quality education.

I encourage parents to talk frankly with their children and explain the serious consequences of these actions. I also ask students and parents to remain vigilant and report any suspected activities in response to these “challenges” to the school’s leadership. Students who are found to be participating or have participated in any of these harmful “Tik Tok Challenges” risk severe punishment according to the school’s Code of Student Contact or arrest and prosecution by law enforcement.

My sincere hope is that students will realize these harmful actions are vicious and destructive, and will choose to not participate in any “Tik Tok Challenges.” I am confident students will make the right choice and focus on taking advantage of the many learning opportunities available for them in Florida’s nationally recognized education system.”

Tik Tok Challenges

September 30, 2021

Read More - Tik Tok Challenges

September 30, 2021

We want our schools to be safe and secure for all students as they provide the opportunity for students to grow in a thriving, nurturing, supportive environment.  this includes the school buses also.

Please be mindful that we will enforce the "Code of Student Conduct" for ANY student who chooses to violate any of the rules or cause harm to any student or damages school property.  Schools are not the appropriate places for the "tik tok" challenges!!!

If you would like another copy of the Code of Student Conduct, it is posted on the District's webpage.

Please help us keep our schools (and buses) safe!

Superintendent Shirley Joseph

Read More - Kelly Services Substitute Information

Are you interested in becoming a Substitute at Madison County Schools?

Madison County School District would like to announce our partnership with Kelly Education. Kelly Education will manage our substitute positions for teachers, paraprofessionals, PreK, cafeteria and custodian positions. A trusted partner to over 8,600 schools nationwide, Kelly substitutes provide learning continuity in the classroom when permanent teachers are absent.

Kelly Education prepares their substitute educators to succeed in every classroom by offering access to highly respected training and professional learning programs and encourages employees to further their teaching career in specialty areas including STEM, ELL, ECE and special education.

If you are interested in becoming a Kelly substitute and working in our schools, we invite you to fill out the Kelly Substitute Interest Form or call 800-528-0049 Option 2.



(This includes substitute teachers, substitute paraprofessionals, substitute food service workers and substitute custodians)

Effective October 18, 2021, the Madison County School District will no longer employ substitutes.  ALL substitutes will be employed through Kelly Education Services.

If you wish to continue substituting in Madison County schools, you MUST be employed by Kelly Services.  Kelly Services will be reaching out to all current substitutes to discuss orientation dates.

Your pay will not change; however, Kelly Services offers weekly pay and insurance benefits.

If you have further questions, please contact Linda Irvine, Personnel Specialist

(850) 973-1532

Read More - 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Art and Essay Contest

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis invite all Florida students to participate in the 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month art and essay contests with the theme of “Celebrating Hispanic-American Community Leaders and Champions.” The deadline for all submissions is 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, October 11, 2021

Students in grades K-3 have a chance to win a cash prize by submitting their original artwork, and students in grades 4-12 can earn a 4-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship through the essay contest. In addition, students, parents, teachers and principals are invited to nominate full-time educators in elementary, middle and high schools for the Hispanic Heritage Month Excellence in Education Award. 

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15-October 15, 2021, and is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the countless contributions of Hispanic Americans in our state’s history.

To learn more about Florida’s rich history of contributions by Hispanic-Americans and for more information about the art, essay and educator contests, please visit