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What you can expect from the district and your school

The following measures will be in place at every school facility.  Each school may implement additional measures for their particular school site.
Health and Wellness
  • All staff will receive COVID-19 training (include transmission, prevention and use of mask)
  • Daily staff screener will be implemented.
  • Staff will wear masks, when social distancing is not possible.
  • In conjunction with the Department of Health, we have established expectations and procedures for notification of illness.
  • There will be district signs posted describing signs/symptoms, proper handwashing, social distancing, and when to stay home.
  • Teaches will frequently promote daily hygiene and social distancing measures throughout the school building.
  • Students must have their own school supplies.  Sharing of supplies will not be allowed.

Facility and Safety

  • Social distancing will be maintained where possible.  In a school environment, separating students 6 feet is impossible.  However, in classroom where students share tables, clear partitions will be placed between students.
  • Students will remain in the same classroom for all classes.  Teachers who team teach will rotate between classes.
  • Everyone will be collectively responsibility for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Enhanced daily and weekly cleaning activities, including disinfecting touch points around the campus throughout the day.
  • Increased frequency of changing AC filters.
  • Spray bottles of germicide and cloths placed in each classroom. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations in high-traffic locations where hand washing is not available.
  • An isolation room at each school for students exhibiting symptoms.
  • Elementary classrooms without individual student desks will be provided partitions for classroom tables.

Food and Nutrition

  • More frequent sanitation on high touch points in the serving line including tray slide and milk box.
  • There will be a touchless system for student lunch number input. 
  • Social distancing decals/tape on the floor throughout the serving line.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available after the point of sale in the dining room.
  • Cafeteria tables will continue to be sanitized between lunches.
  • More frequent sanitation in the cafeteria (door handles etc.).
  • There will be an established enter/exit flow of the cafeteria.
  • Cafeteria employees will be required to wear masks in addition to the already established health and safety protocols based on Health Department guidelines.
  • Continued use of disposable cutlery and trays.
  • There will be no sharing of food between students.
  • All condiments will be in pre-portioned packages.
  • There will be streamlined menu offerings in order to promote efficiency through the serving line.
  • We will reduce cafeteria capacity as determined by individual school site administrators. Each school campus is unique and multiple factors such as enrollment, campus layout, and size of cafeteria will be factors that assist in what strategy is selected to reduce cafeteria capacity. Examples of plans may include the addition of lunch periods and/or additional dining options outside of the cafeteria.  All students will face the same direction at the lunch tables.


  • Eligible students choosing to participate in school transportation will continue to receive transportation services similar to years past. As a result of the current health concern, students utilizing transportation are encouraged to wear a face covering while being transported and must follow seating directions from school bus staff.
  • School buses will be sanitized twice daily and have high-touch areas wiped in between groups transported.
  • We will ask family members to sit together on the same seats.


  • All Madison County students will be assigned one Chromebook to use throughout the day.  Devices will not be shared.

Do I have to sign up for the traditional?

No.  The only students who need to register are students who will be distance learning or homeschool.
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