A public hearing will be held on December 17, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. to consider changes to the following policies:

9800-Charter Schools;

9270-Home Education Programs;

9150-School Visitors;

9130-Public Complaints;


5780-Student-Parent Rights

5511-Dress & Grooming

5460-Graduation Requirements;

5410-Student Progression;


3242-Professional Development;

3220-Evaluation of Instructional Personnel;

3128-Contracts Instructional Personnel;

2521-Instructional Materials Program;

2520-Selection & Adoption of Instructional   


2431-Interscholastic Athletics;

2370-Virtual Instruction;

2280-Physical Education;

2261-Title 1 Services;

2120-School Improvement;

211-Parent & Family Involvement in the

        School Program;

1242-Professional Development;

1220-Evaluation of Administrative


0172-Visitation of Schools by Individual

          School Board Members

2252-Digital Classrooms