This is a message to inform parents/guardians and students that on the morning of 4/23/2021 the district was notified of a concerning email that was sent out to various grade levels at MCCS and MCHS. District and School Administration, along with the Sheriff's office, immediately began investigating to find the intent as well as the source from which it came. After investigating the origins of the emails, the subjects who sent the emails were brought in and questioned by administrators and the Sheriff's office. After consulting with the Sheriff's office and the Assistant State Attorney, it was determined that this matter would be handled by the school district.
Parents/guardians met with administrators as well as the Sheriff's Office. After consideration and viewing of facts and intent, there is no viable threat to students nor faculty. At this time, disciplinary actions have been taken for all students involved with the matter. At no time was the safety of students and faculty compromised. We appreciate the observance of our students and commend them for reporting this matter. We are all working together to create a safe environment for our schools.