Congratulations to our School Spelling Bee Winners!!! These students will compete in the District Spelling Bee Competition on January 12, 2018.

Greenville Elementary School 
4th: Hafetha Ayyad and Victoria Dawkins
5th: Hisham Ayyad and Hafitha Ayyad

Lee Elementary School
4th: T.J. Mattair and Bobby Cauley
5th: Carter Macarages and Michael Spurlock

Pinetta Elementary School
4th: Andy Brown and Hayden Hammock
5th: Alexcia Fiffia and Kristian Gianino

4th: Tyrik Tillman and Vincent Sanders
5th: Judy Anderson and Jose Aguilar-Garcia
6th: Isaiah Soza and Kamerin Robinson
7th: Kelvon Edwards and JaQuan Robinson
8th: Cameryn Mullenix and A'Amiri Nix

4th: Alden Bass and Ricki Adkinson
5th: Erin Burnett and Loring St. John
6th: Allie Meyer and Anna Meyer
7th: Riley Browning and Avionna Ware
8th: Bryan Hinson and Dustin Ellis