Statement from Commissioner Corcoran on “Tik Tok Challenges”

Florida is committed to the safety of its schools, including the safety of students, school and district staff and administrators. Unfortunately, some students are engaging in online “challenges” posted on Tik Tok sites, which encourage students to take part in vandalism, theft, harassment, battery and other totally inappropriate criminal activities. These students’ actions show no respect for their schools, their fellow students and the hardworking teachers who are striving every day to make sure they get a quality education.

I encourage parents to talk frankly with their children and explain the serious consequences of these actions. I also ask students and parents to remain vigilant and report any suspected activities in response to these “challenges” to the school’s leadership. Students who are found to be participating or have participated in any of these harmful “Tik Tok Challenges” risk severe punishment according to the school’s Code of Student Contact or arrest and prosecution by law enforcement.

My sincere hope is that students will realize these harmful actions are vicious and destructive, and will choose to not participate in any “Tik Tok Challenges.” I am confident students will make the right choice and focus on taking advantage of the many learning opportunities available for them in Florida’s nationally recognized education system.”